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Ensure your program is a strong one by using these preschool teacher resource books and assessment tools!

Brush up knowledge of assessments and teach with confidence! Child care centers and classroom teachers will love expanding their knowledge of the ECERS-3, which focuses on the full range of needs, including cognitive, social-emotional, physical, and health and safety of preschool- and kindergarten-aged children. An emphasis on valid teacher created environments and natural ongoing assessments promote developmental gains and increase validity. Updated with six new language and literacy items as well as a new Item on beginning math experiences adds current tools into the daily teaching regimen. Search no more for developmentally appropriate literacy and math activities, this assessment is current and designed for children ages 3-5 with recent updates to include birth to 36 months. Stay in the know using ongoing support available at the Environment Rating Scales Institute (ERSI) website (www.ersi.info). Let evidence-based practices assist your program toward new developmental leaps!

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