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Outdoor LearnLawn Sensory Seats
Fabric Face Masks
Mobile Block Storage
Play Along Carpet

Play Along Carpet

Toddler Chairs

Toddler Chairs

Note Worthy

Note Worthy

ergoErgo Seat

ergoErgo Seat

Titan Wagon
Mini Toddler Loft
Standard Inflator
Kore WOBBLE Chairs
Aeromat Ball Chair
Bow Tie Seating
Hamilton Buhl CD Listening Center
High Seas Rocker
Runtz Ball Chairs
Rainbow Spot Markers
Colorful Places Carpet
Move 'N Store 5-Section Coat Locker
Move 'N Store Mobile Divided Shelves
Storage Bins

Storage Bins

Rainbow VersaBag Mesh Bags
Move 'N Store Wall-Mount Locker
Modular Indoor Floor Mat Set
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Shop for school or child care facility supplies at Play with a Purpose and get ready for the day’s activities!

Whether you need to organize day care equipment, prepare for rest time, or give kids a comfortable place to sit and learn, you will find it all here at Play with a Purpose! Educators and child care providers will find what they need to create a welcoming and safe space.

Child Care Supplies

Outfit classrooms and other early childhood learning spaces with the resources needed to enhance learning. From step stools and storage bins to cones and electronics, buy the supplies that you need to organize students, classrooms, and lessons.

Daycare Furniture

Create an engaging and comfortable space for kids as they learn and interact with each other. Browse our large assortment of furniture, carpets, and floor mats to find the best options for your classroom. You can also be prepared for nap time using dependable and easy to clean rest mats. When you need to transport small groups students to the playground or library, you can depend on our reliable strollers.

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