Pedal Path

Easily create a designated trike area indoors or out!

Convenient 6-, 8-, 10-, 17- and 20-piece sets provide a safe trike area geared towards early childhood programs. Constructed of recycled, impact-resistant thermoplastic olefin (TPO) with stainless-steel, tamper-resistant hardware. Drain holes around edges keep water off the track. Trikes sold separately. Assembly and surface-mount installation required. Truck delivery.

Small includes 2 straight and 4 curved pieces. 18'4"L x 10'5"W x 2"H; 216 lb.
Medium includes 4 straight and 4 curved pieces. 18'4"L x 18'4"W x 2"H; 288 lb.
Large includes 6 straight and 4 curved pieces. 26'4"L x 18'4"W x 2"H; 360 lb.
Figure 8 includes 8 straight, 6 curved, one 4-way section, and 2 mini straight pieces. 35'2"L x 32'4"W; 455 lb.
Deluxe includes 8 straight and 12 curved pieces. 38'L x 27'W x 4"H; 720 lb.

What do I need to know to choose the correct installation type?
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