NutriPlay™ Healthy In a Heartbeat™

Be the group with the most healthy food beanbags in your shopping bag, and win!

This fun, fast-paced educational food game for children encourages healthy food selection in a hurry. Working in groups, children race to fill their shopping bag with healthy foods. Group members take turns racing to the center to collect a beanbag. If the food depicted on the beanbag is a healthy one, the member deposits it in his/her group’s shopping bag. If it’s an unhealthy food, he/she puts it in an opposing group’s shopping bag. Groups can “burn off” unhealthy foods by doing the exercise activity noted on the outside of their shopping bag.                 

When time runs out, each group empties its shopping bag and counts its healthy foods. The group with the most healthy beanbags, wins!

This Pack features a Set of 100 NutriPlay™ Food Beanbags, Set of 6 Rainbow® Shopping bags, a storage bag, and game instructions; enough to get up to 12 children involved in the healthy-food-finding frenzy. The instructions guide teachers through setup and game play, and even include additional variations for even more food fun!

Make learning about healthy food selection fun with the NutriPlay™ Healthy in a Heartbeat™ Pack!

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