NutriPlay™ Food Sources Scooter Activity Pack

This exciting Pack turns scooter activities into educational food games for preschoolers to highlight food's journey from its source to our stores and homes!

This Pack combines education about food sources and how it makes it to our stores and homes, with physical activity, scooter games, experiences, discussions, and discovery. The holistic approach to learning, and the fun food activities, give young kids a better understanding of where food comes from. Children will love scooting around, harvesting, delivery, and shopping for, the pretend food.

Pack features enough equipment for up to 6 children to participate, and includes 5 Activity Cards with easy-to-follow instructions from setup, to learning assessment, and even fun activity variations.

This Pack includes:

• Set of 6 Rainbow® Spot Markers (9" dia)
• Set of 6 Rainbow® Scooters (12")
• Set of 5 Shopping Baskets
• Set of 6 Rainbow® Plastic Cones
• Set of 6 Rainbow® Hoop Jumpers
• Set of 12 Rainbow® Foam Hoop Holders
• Deluxe Classroom Food Set (80 Pieces)
• 1 Ea Tunnel Arc
• 2 Ea VersaBag™ Mesh Bags (L)
• 5 Ea Activity Cards

The Food Sources Scooter Activity Pack features activities that teach preschoolers where our food comes from and the way it makes it onto our store shelves and dining tables.


• Children know that we get our food from a variety of places.
• Children understand that much of our food is grown on farms.
• Children can identify foods that come from plants.
• Children can identify foods that come from animals.

Activity Cards:

  • Plant Eaters - Meat Eaters
  • Shopping Adventures
  • Food From the Farm
  • Food Delivery Relay
  • Food Source Scoot
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