NutriPlay™ Adventure Activity Pack

This complete Pack has a variety of food activities for preschoolers highlighting where our food comes from and how it ends up in our stores and our homes!

Put nutrition into play with these preschool food games and activities! Combine important information about food sources and food’s journey from fields and farms to stores and homes, with physical activity, sensory experience, discussion, and adventure. The comprehensive approach to learning, and the exciting food activities, will give young children a better understanding of where our food comes from and what it takes to grow, harvest, and transport it. Children will love learning about food’s journey with a fun obstacle course!

Pack features enough equipment for up to 6 children to participate, and includes 5 Activity Cards with easy-to-follow instructions from setup, to learning assessment, and even fun activity variations.

This Pack includes:

• 1 Ea Create-a-Course™ Set
• Set of 6 Jazzy Jingles Bell Bands
• Set of 36 Rainbow® Dome Cones
• 1 Ea See-Through Tunnel (6’L)
• Set of 6 Rainbow® Ribbons (6’L)
• Set of 12 Rainbow® DuraHoops™, (14” dia)
• 2 Ea VersaBag™ Mesh Bags (L)
• 5 Ea Activity Cards

The Food Sources Adventure Activity Pack features fun, educational activities to teach preschoolers the source of our food and how it arrives to our plates.


• Children will learn that our food comes from a variety of places.
• Children know that a majority of our food is grown on farms.
• Children can determine if a food comes from plants.
• Children can determine if a food comes from animals.

Activity Cards:

  • Fishing in the River
  • Cows to the Barn
  • Harvest Obstacle Course
  • Race Through the Field
  • Food Source Walk


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