Garden Heroes Activity Pack

Twenty creative activities will have up to 12 kids playing with their food as they meet standards in physical education and health.

When using the included activities, children will meet the 5 National Physical Education Standards and the 3 National Health Education Standards. Focus is on improving motor skills, movement concepts, and social interaction. Learn decision making and goal setting skills to enhance health through activity. All-in-one pack includes activity book, timer, CD, whistle, 24 polyspots, 12 pr wrist bands, 48 fruit/veggie beanbags, 6 tagger mitts, 24 cones (12"H), 12 scooters, 2 numbered dice, parachute (24' dia), net (20'W x 61"H), 2 bowling pin sets, and a cart with 4 baskets to hold it all.

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