TumblePro™ Custom-Color Mats

Soft foam is perfect for younger children and low-impact use.

Choose from two types of foam: 2" Urethane Soft Foam, or 2⅜" Layered Semi-Soft Foam**. 2" Urethane Foam: Firmness: Soft Sock-Absorption: Low Uses: Recreational, low-impact activities with young children. 2⅜" Semi-Soft Foam: Firmness: Semi-Soft Shock Absorption: Medium Uses: Medium-impact activities with young children. • Velcro® Choices: Velcro® connections provide flexibility to create almost any configuration. Choose Velcro® on 2 ends, on all 4 sides, or opt for no Velcro® at all. • Color Choices: Choose from 17 standard colors, in solid or alternating panel colors, or Rainbow® colors. No additional charge for two-color mats! Chose from two types of foam: • 2" Urethane Soft Foam: Perfect for younger children and low-impact activities. • 2⅜" Layered Semi-Soft Foam: Suited for all ages and medium-impact activities.** ** Actual color may vary from swatches shown here.

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